Many Thanks to Our Church Family!

Jun 20, 2021 | Social

Long Island can seem even longer when separated from friends, even by a short distance. The recent pandemic has had a deep impact on a number of ministries, and one that has been affected greatly is the St. Francis Seniors.

The St. Francis Senior Club meets on the first Monday of every month at 11:30am in the lower floor of the church. There is an elevator available for access, a welcome accommodation for many. The meetings feature cake, coffee, and great conversation, a chance to connect with friends, gather news of the parish and the community, and to discuss recent events. Mrs. Pat McDonough leads the ministry, staying in touch with members, and checking in particularly in recent times when venturing out has carried its own risks.

“Occasionally we have luncheons, either at the church, or at local restaurants,” said Mrs. McDonough. “We offer day trips and sometimes overnight trips as well. The meetings and trips gather together seniors who enjoy socializing and a chance to talk, sharing and enjoying each other’s company.” Meetings generally open with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance, a review of the prior meeting, and a treasurer’s report, along with announcements of upcoming events at the parish or in the community that are of interest. Prayers are also offered for any members who are ill or recovering.

St. Francis parish makes it possible for seniors all over to join together for friendship, fellowship, and mutual support. Due to the current conditions, no opening date has yet been scheduled for meetings to resume, but a bulletin announcement will be made as soon as plans are finalized. Pat McDonough welcomes calls from anyone interested in attending, or who has questions.

She can be reached at (631) 261-4206.

Dear Church Family,

The Respect Life Committee gives thanks to you, our church family, for the tremendous financial support you gave to our fundraiser held on Mother’s Day. The Precious Feet Pin is a beautiful aid in showing anyone who sees it, that there is pure perfection in the growth of a 10 week old baby living in the protection of a loving mother’s womb. Are you wearing the Precious Feet Pin or is it resting in a bureau drawer? If it is resting in a drawer, its voice cannot be heard. If worn on a shirt collar, blouse or jacket lapel and is seen, its voice speaks volumes and you don’t need to say a word. Perhaps give a smile to show you are happy they noticed it.

This Father’s Day, gather around the breakfast table and wear your Precious Feet Pin so your children can see it. They will want to move nearer to you so they can see it better. This is your opportunity to pull them closer and explain that their feet were that size when they were 10 weeks old living protected in their mother’s womb. Little children will want to hold the pin and compare its size to the size of their own bare feet and when they do, expressions of wonder will dance across their faces.

You, the father, just protected your children from the lies the pro-abortion activists tell them. You have just removed a brick from their wall of lies and as each brick is removed, the wall becomes smaller, weaker and eventually collapses. When the time comes to meet God and you are asked what did you do to relieve pain and suffering, you can say “I wore a Precious Feet Pin and together we saved lives without saying a word.”

Very truly yours,


The Respect Life Committee at St. Francis of Assisi Church, Greenlawn, New York
Many Thanks to Our Church Family!

Father’s Day Devotion

The Respect Life Committee will have available St. Joseph lapel pins, which are a reminder that all men who protect their families, mothers and children are following in St. Joseph’s footsteps. St. Joseph is the patron saint of The Universal Church and Families. This is “The Year of St. Joseph” as dedicated by Pope Francis. Please let us show our love and devotion to the Loving Chaste Spouse of The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Beloved Foster Father of Our Redeemer.

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