Little Babies Get a Big Start

A sure sign of a strong, caring community is how it ministers to its members in need. Often the smallest of us need the most help of all.

The Baby Corner at St. Francis of Assisi provides supplies and support that families have needed to get their children off to the right start. Since 2002, this ministry has been a vital resource for new families, helping with baby supplies, emotional support, and referrals to other local services and organizations. The project was started decades ago by a couple committed to maintaining resources for babies and children. Today the ministry is led by Mrs. Eileen Byrne, through the parish offices. Inventory varies depending on donations, but families can always count on receiving diapers and baby wipes when needed.

Currently the Baby Corner helps an average of 30-45 families with diapers, baby wipes and basic necessities at no cost. When a couple or individual is faced with the prospect of parenthood, planned or otherwise, obligations become real amid unexpected costs and circumstances. In this, Baby Corner has served families from all walks of life. As the pandemic was gaining strength in March, five new babies arrived needing help, including a set of twins. Previously Mrs. Byrne and other members would make home visits to drop off supplies; under the present conditions, families can come to the church and pick up what they need in person.

Donations are gratefully accepted for diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, powder and products, gift cards or monetary donations. All can be dropped off in the Baby Corner box within the church. Clothing and baby furniture are appreciated, but there is no space to store these items, so please contact Mrs. Byrne before making arrangements. As babies have a way of continuing to arrive, donations and supplies must constantly be replenished. Hospitality Sundays were a reliable source of donations, but as Masses are suspended, please consider making a donation to help our ministry and the families it supports.

Along with helping a family get off to a good start, Mrs. Byrne says that the true gift is in getting to know the mothers and their children. Our St. Francis parish is committed to helping when it can, offering “Joy in the midst of crisis.”

Families in need and those interested in making donations of diapers, wipes, supplies or gift cards can contact Mrs. Eileen Byrne at the rectory, 631 757-7435 Extension 2, or by email to