A Most Important Update!

Dec 12, 2021 | Social

In May the article “Rebuild My Church” told of plans to refurbish the granite front steps of the church, under the direction of Mr. Paul Sepp. Over the past 50 years, with time and the shifting sand foundation, the stones became misaligned. 

As of now, the preliminary work of replacing the stones in a more secure setting is complete, with the sand replaced with a concrete foundation and the stones reset with a special long lasting epoxy. Thank you to Deacon Allan Longo for this photo of the work in progress. 

Last week the railings were sent to a local professional to be refinished with powder coating to better match the church doors. This work is expected to be completed within two weeks, and the front of our church restored in time for Christmas! 

After the disruptions of the past year, we look forward to a new and secure entrance to welcome us back to our beloved church to ring in the New Year!

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