Praise God! 

On Day 4 of the 40 Days for Life (40DFL) campaign, our Parish Lenten Project, the first baby was saved! Christians volunteering for 40DFL pray peacefully on the sidewalk for an hour at a time outside Planned Parenthood in Smithtown, every day from 7am to 7pm.

Cindy Fiore, a leader of the Beauty for Ashes post-abortive ministry at Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, played the central role in counseling a mom and dad to save their baby. (Counseling is conducted by a few volunteers who feel called and are informed.)

Cindy said, “On Saturday morning, February 29th, my heart was breaking as I watched the cars drive into the parking lot. I had prayed the whole way to the vigil site, begging the Lord to make Himself real to me. When the car with ‘Anna and Jacob’ pulled in, I knew we had a chance! I called to them ‘Don’t do it! I crossed this line over 40 years ago and it ruined my life!’ I got down on my knees and prayed the Our Father over and over, and I felt such a Presence! About 15 minutes went by and the car drove toward me and the other volunteers who were praying with me. I asked Jacob to open the window. He did, and I begged them to listen to me and gave them a tract that explained baby development in the womb. Anna was sitting in the back seat and I asked if I could sit with her. With her okay, I got into the car, hugged her and told her about God’s Plan for her life. I said, ‘Imagine a baby with your beautiful face! God will use you for His Kingdom!’ She wept and wept, and so did Jacob. I told the couple that God would never leave them, that we would help them through the whole process of receiving the support they need, including a home where they could stay.

I had become pregnant in my mid-teens and had an abortion, which I regretted almost immediately. When I became pregnant again at 19, I chose life and lived in a home for unwed mothers. Since then the Lord has healed me of the spiritual and emotionsl wounds of abortion. He has given me a heart to provide a home for women in crisis. I am in awe and have not stopped thanking God for His goodness!” 

For confidential healing after abortion, consider the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Project Rachel (888-456-HOPE; respectlife.drvc.org) and Beauty for Ashes (631-265-2485 or info@sgtmail.org.) 

We need you! We still have hours with inadequate prayer coverage. If you have an extra hour to spare, please contact us for more information: 40dflsmithtown@gmail.com; 631-209-7548. Please sign up for vigil hours an/or to receive emails: www.40daysforlife.com/Smithtown.

For free pregnancy help, please call: 631-243-0066.