Pastors Desk – Month of September 2021

Sep 26, 2021 | Pastors Desk

A Message from Father Peter

– September 26th 2021 – Director of Music

Good News for St. Francis! I am pleased to announce the permanent hiring of Peter Schubart as Director of Music here at St. Francis parish. We have all enjoyed his playing the organ and piano at our Sunday Masses; now he will be able to develop a music program on an enhanced basis. Peter comes to us with much experience, talent, and a warm and friendly manner. Please feel free to go up and welcome him in the coming weeks and extend a personal welcome to him. Watch for sign up times in the bulletin for adult choir and children’s choir rehearsals. Mr. Schubart will be organizing our choirs, conforming their mode of operating to the necessities of the pandemic. All of this is a true blessing to St. Francis! It is my prayer that your faith also inspired him.

Attention Teenagers

The Diocese is launching a new initiative to draw teens to the Church and to faith in Jesus. It consists of 3 GrandGatherings (Code name: Inspire) in each of our Vicariates (40 Parishes in each, 9 events altogether in this course of the year) The first for us is October 22 (a Friday night) at St. Joseph’s Parish in Babylon. The evening is half faith enrichment and the other half some fun, games, and entertainment! We will be emailing all our teens! (Grade 8 to 12). Also, the game plan includes calling upon young adults (20’s-30’s) to assist running these events! Stay tuned for more exciting items! Mention all this but don’t push your teen to come; hopefully when they realize how many teens will be there and have a chance to call their friends, they will want to come!

– September 19th 2021 – Bishop Barres’ Visit

Our Diocesan Bishop paid us a surprise visit here at St. Francis Labor Day weekend. Bishop Barres is “on the move” just about every weekend, often visiting several parishes. He came to us this way about 2 years ago! Our Bishop is eager to encounter his flock throughout Long Island and confirm them in their faith and Catholic identity. He clearly enjoys being out of Rockville Centre and a change of pace with no meetings. 

He does not ask for any special preparation or the scheduling of any meetings; in fact, he doesn’t even come over to the rectory to have a cup of coffee for a few minutes! He arrives in the sacristy, vests as a Bishop and begins to greet the first arrivals. 

He is the principal celebrant of the Mass, and preaches the homily featuring the Sunday readings. After Mass the Bishop greeted people at the main doors and encouraged photos to be taken. Bishop Barres lifted everyone’s spirits and encouraged us in our faith journey as our spiritual head and chief shepherd. It is my prayer that your faith also inspired him.

– September 12th 2021 – Open For Business

Our Religious Education Program opens on September 13th! Joyfully we have never left! Our program remains a class-based in school program. There is a really not much ongoing debate about the superiority of classroom-based programs over “Home School” efforts.

We will miss Deacon Alan’s energetic presence. Deacon Allan retired last June, and we will miss him and his eagerness to serve the Parish. He served 12 years. Anita Modeleski will serve to maintain quality and continuity in her new role as coordinator. Please welcome Ellen Levante Daly, she is new to our program but has a background in law and is intuitively aware of the needs of the students. She will be program secretary, proctor, and student controller.

Please note: 

Yes, it is the eleventh hour, but it is never too late to register but please do not wait for “opening day”.

– September 5th 2021 – The Holy Face of Jesus

On Sunday September 12th at the 10 am Mass we will enthrone the image of the Holy Face of Jesus in an appropriate place in our church. 

Please make a note of it; attend and support it if you can. We thank Jane Wigatow in a particular way for her zeal in obtaining the image. 

She labored tirelessly in generating the necessary funds to install a votive candle stand beneath it. Thanks to many generous parishioners the church is now well equipped in the area of votive candles!

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