Pastor’s Desk – Month of May 2021

May 9, 2021 | Pastors Desk

A Message from Father Peter

– May 9th 2021 – Sixth Sunday of Easter

Our first healing mass was a great blessing for all who came. The Replay is available to watch via live stream on our web site ( Our next scheduled Healing Mass will be June 8th,2021 (at 7:30 pm). Jesus not only preached but healed the sick. He calls all of us his disciples to do likewise. 

“The Chosen”

Our coffee house young adults are watching segments of the serialized life of Jesus entitled ‘The Chosen”, The focus is on the lives and personal struggles of those who will become Jesus’ apostles and disciples. The characters, their choices, weaknesses and failures, joys and hopes are developed in a type of historical fiction. “It could have happened that way.” 

There are several ways to view it: check on YouTube!

Our young adults are enjoying it thoroughly.  Don’t forget ‘Coffee House’ is Wednesday and Friday evenings. Both zoom and in person (during the pandemic in the lower church) Spread the word to all the young adults you know. Watch the bulletin every week for word on upcoming special events!

– May 2nd 2021 – Fifth Sunday of Easter

Congratulations to all our First Communion Families!

All your work and self-sacrifice has borne fruit in the excitement and sample faith of our first Communicants. You allowed yourselves to be led spiritually by your children and the day became a family day of faith and joyful fun!

Now we can take the next step! Now we have a moment of to pray to God for the focus and spirit of sacrifice entailed in returning to church regularly for Sunday Mass! If we “show up”, God will “show up” and a whole new season of grace will blossom in our busy lives!

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