Pastors Desk – Month of July 2021

Jul 25, 2021 | Pastors Desk

A Message from Father Peter

– July 25th 2021 – Catholic Ministry Appeal 2021

Once again, thanks to the generosity of so many of our faithful parishioners, our parish has again met its goal of $65,900.00 (for 2021) in the Catholic Ministries Appeal.  

We have an excellent track record in regard to the Appeal and this time we really take the cake! We made our goal in record time and during the Pandemic for good measure! The parish, the diocese and the needy people of Long Island are grateful to your commitment to the appeal. 

(The parish also gains a special rebate!)

PS  – as pastor I am grateful for your prompt response which saves us the additional steps of writing follow-up letters and making calls. God Bless You!

– July 18th 2021 – God’s Loving Care by Heather Kid Young of Christ the King Parish

Last week parishioners and young adults from our Starfish Coffee House were treated to a unique witness to God’s loving care by Heather Kid Young of Christ the King parish in Commack. She experienced some life changing moments at Medjugorje. Since we are planning a pilgrimage in only a few weeks it was a most timely gift to us all. 

One of the most touching things the Blessed Mother is reported to have said is: 

“If you knew how much I love you, you would cry tears of joy” 

Please keep our pilgrims in your prayers. We will certainly remember all of you frequently while there! Church authority has endorsed and acknowledged the great pastoral fruit of the events at Medjugorje. Definitive statements as to the authentic supernatural character of the events must be reserved for a later time. Conversions, healings, and many unique signs continue to be reported.

– July 11th 2021 – Summertime needs to stay special!

Avoid the temptation to bring a lot of work out to the campsite or cabin just to catch up! With so many working from home or other diverse locations other than their traditional office desk, one thing is certain: it will be a challenge to leave work home. You may be a very competent and quick worker or you may be very average in your organizational skills.

No matter, everyone deserves a vacation! (or at least a break or two for daily chores!) The Bible gives everyone the sabbath days rest! Don’t let yourself feel guilty over the need to rest. Even Jesus took the time to tell his apostles “Come away and rest awhile!” Most healthy personalities thrive when they are working at a good pace (without overload). Yes, rest is critical so let us encourage each other to get it right!

– July 4th 2021 – Independence Day!

Here are the new stipulations from the Diocese regarding the Pandemic: 

1. We no longer require the congregation to wear masks. Also, masks are no longer required for the ministers of the Eucharist. They are optional by Diocesan stipulation, but we will ask our ministers to wear them voluntarily for the next month! 

2. Sanitizing before distribution of Communion is recommended to reassure the people.

3. All pew barriers are down; we no longer have any social distancing requirements and no gathering limits! Parishioners should not be asked their vaccine status or proof of vaccination. We may not segregate worshipers.

4. It is no longer necessary to disinfect but we will continue doing on a more limited basis (2x a week), missalettes and prayer cards will be back in the pews.

5. Shortly, the bishop’s dispensation from obligation from Mass on Sundays and holidays will still take place on Aug 15, 2021.

Please encourage all Catholics in your families and also friends and neighbors to return to the celebration of Mass in person in church! We will continue to live stream our Masses for those who cannot or should not attend in person. Once again, thank you for your eager responses and loyalty to the parish! 

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