Pastor’s Desk – Month of February 2022

Feb 27, 2022 | Pastors Desk

A Message from Father Peter

– February 27th 2022 – Back to Normal

How much “Back to Normal” can you stand around here? Quite a lot apparently, for we proudly welcome back with us Father Lou Cerulli to give a “Parish Lenten Preached Mission” on March 7th, 8th, and 9th, Monday through Wednesday at 7:30pm each evening in the church. Father Lou was one of the best received preachers here at St. Francis! Just like in “the good ol’ days” I remember, we have a large church given the relatively modest size of our congregation, so you can “distance “yourself a bit even at this point! “Making a good Lent” this year will surely involve dealing with the remaining pandemic in new, courageous ways.

Our Bishops tell us that now is the time to invite everyone to return physically to church for Sunday Mass, if at all possible. In this way we move beyond “spiritual communion” which is fine in the right context, but yields to actual reception of the physical Host, now truly the body of Christ. Mass celebrated in community with a physical congregation is still the true Norm. That’s the “back to normal” we can all be striving towards this Lent.

A Message from Father Peter

– February 20th 2022 – Wedding Bells & Medjugorje

Wedding Bells

Remember that old sentimental song – “Wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine”? Here we see a young man who so enjoyed “Hanging Out” with his friends. As they move deeper into adulthood and the married life, there is no time for hanging out or palling around. This spring we celebrate three marriages directly or indirectly that grew out of our young adult program “Starfish Coffee House.” This is not really breaking up, but a cause of Joy and celebration with young Catholics seeking to deepen their faith, finding each other and acknowledging that the Coffee House and the gang had something to do with it! Now to draw in a new group of adults to start the cycle over again.


From now thru July we will present articles within the bulletin and on our parish website about our Pilgrimage to Medjugorje for the upcoming Youth Conference, scheduled for July 29 through August 9, 2022. Basic cost is $2,699. Please call Father Peter at (631) 757-7435, or email Rosie for details!

A Message from Father Peter

– February 13th 2022 – Joyful Day at Trinity RS

It was such a joyful moment at Trinity Reginal School! The day was the feast of St. Blaise, the Martyr-Bishop who through the years became known as the patron of those who suffered ailments or diseases of the throat. His early biographers report that the good bishop saved the life of a boy who swallowed a fish bone and would have choked to death! The students were amazingly well behaved, and many seemed genuinely devout and reverent.

Somehow most of us lose some of that early and natural devotion as we encounter quite different sorts of attitudes about God and church. Keep up your good work Teachers, Principal Patricia Ayers, and Staff of Trinity! You are in our Prayers and our Hearts.

– February 6th 2022 – Behind The Scenes

Our “behind the scenes” work over the last few months has borne much fruit. This past week we received formal permission from Bishop Barres through the Vicar General’s office to carry out our plans to “repurpose” our three-car garage into a small counseling center and meeting space. Our general contractor is Elmer L. Henn, Inc. and we have accepted his bid for $310,000. This firm bids frequently on Catholic projects and has satisfactorily completed over 20 of them. We have a tenant eager to move in, namely Living Waters Catholic Counseling Center, currently located at St. Elizabeth’s parish, which has a school that is expanding and needs more space. 

This clinic will be a blessing to our parish in many ways. Be assured much thought has gone into determining the layout to maximizing use of our limited space! Special thanks to our very professional, competent, and well-informed architect Bill Hennessy, who lives right here within our parish. Paul Sepp has proven time and again his dedication and genuine high regard for our parish and its people. Paul has given hundreds of hours of service before and during Covid. Over the next few months, you are invited to go over and check on progress. Please however keep children away from the worksite and obey all rules to enhance safety! 

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