Pastor’s Desk – May 2024

May 10, 2024 | Pastors Desk

The Pastors Desk – May 26th

Last call for Medjugorje!

We are past the formal deadline for booking the pilgrimage, but the tour company (206 tours) is asking us to make one last call to enroll some pilgrims. We already have some very fine people (young and older) and a few more would make it an even more joyful experience. Please take a moment to ask God to put it on your heart about going. Do not ask yourself about the practicalities! 

If God is calling, inviting you to make a pilgrimage, he will clear the path. Pilgrimages include surmounting obstacles and deep peace and hope. The dates are July 29 to August 7, 2024. The cost is $3,399 all Including Double Occupancy! Call Father Peter at (631)609-0040 or call the Rectory at (631)757-7435 as soon as possible to get more information, and/or make a deposit. 

You will thank God for this Blessing for a long time!

The Pastors Desk – May 19th

No question about it – some very good movies about Jesus are out there! Last week in the Coffee House we viewed The Young Messiah and discussed it thoroughly. The film is well constructed and plausible. 

We see a seven-year-old Jesus, discovering his divine identity in the context of the Holy Family’s return home from exile in Egypt; much is obviously intelligent speculation, and it is used for good purpose. Some material is taken from the apocryphal gospel documents written in ancient times, but still several centuries after Jesus. 

The film succeeds in creating a believable storyline about Jesus’ early boyhood years and his reactions with his parents. I would definitely take an hour or two to watch this fine film and discuss it with friends and family. The movie is available on Formed. Our parish has free membership; see elsewhere in the bulletin on how to sign up.

The Pastors Desk – May 12th (Mother’s Day!)

Jesus really comes through for His Mother at the end! In his last moments of consciousness dying on the cross, Jesus places his mother in the care of the disciple whom he loved and makes certain that he knows this is a solemn moment and that he is committing himself to her care. “Mother, behold your son! Son, Behold your mother!”

On Mother’s Day everyone honors Mom – new mothers, our own mothers, mothers-in-law, godmothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and often those who have stepped up to mother someone who needed it at the time. And yes, fathers who have had to be both parents in some cases. Children bring Mom the handmade cards that grow more precious as the years pass; adult children take stock – “are we doing all we can in caring for Mom? What does she need, how do we help her if she is living alone, can she manage for herself?” Candidly some families will have it easier to meet her needs, others will struggle. But our presence, either in person or by phone or email, is truly her favorite gift.

As Jesus would put it, it’s not only our honoring Mom “with our lips,” but sincerely making the time and effort it takes to give back even a small portion of what she has given us. May the valiant Moms of the parish enjoy not only this great day but the genuine love and respect of their children and grandchildren!

The Pastors Desk – May 5th

Our young people were really eating it up! I am referring to Fr. Liam McDonald‘s presentation last week to our women’s group of the Starfish Coffee House, with his topic “Our Gifts of the Holy Spirit”; how each person can discover the gifts – or tools – God has given us to use in our own way to build up his kingdom. This phrase describes well this process somewhere between giving a friend an encouraging “nudge” and parting the waters of the Red Sea. We can find our very own niche and blossom into that person we need to be to build up God‘s kingdom. We will have a little more on this in the future.

“The Gifts of the Spirit” are working in and around us they are meant to blossom into full-fledged virtues or powers, enabling us to converse and persuading confidence to do this wonderful work.


Good News! The Diocese of Rockville Centre has advised that they have recalculated our parish goal for 2024. The goal has been revised from $75,900 back to $69,000, which certainly is good news for our parish! 

Thank you to all who have contributed and who continue to do so.

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