Pastor’s Desk – March 2023

Mar 26, 2023 | Pastors Desk

A Message from Father Peter

– March26th: Fifth Sunday of Lent

“Designed to amaze!” The gang is still talking about it! I’m referring to the terrific St. Patrick’s Day party we had two weeks ago. 

Young and old alike had great fun, and what’s more, many remembered social affairs of years gone by – even back to the fundraising that got the church building up! 

They took the excitement back then as a normal aspect of parish life! Covid-19 took a heavy toll on our parish community; it drained our energies and challenged our optimism, and our hope. 

The good news is that the energy went underground and is now starting to come out! 

Nothing could be timelier! There is a buzz going around already for another “event.” We truly need it, and the contribution it will make in getting our wonderful parish back to vitality and joy.

A Message from Father Peter

– March19th: Fourth Sunday of Lent

Michael Grogan returns to help us make our way through Lent. Michael, who is legally blind, has a personal street ministry to addicts and homeless in Philadelphia. Originally from Long Island, Michael deserves our support in prayer and sacrifice.

He will invite you to adoration of Christ in the Eucharist. He starts at 3:00pm Sunday, March 19. Michael’s program includes the 5:00pm Parish Mass, followed by something light to eat to carry us over, and then his evening program from 7:00pm to about 8:30pm.

Michael concludes on Monday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Don’t miss this special witness to love and the power of God!

A Message from Father Peter

– March12th: Third Sunday of Lent

“When you fast….”; in the ancient world and of course in Jewish culture of the time it seems that fasting was a very common way to prepare for the great feasts!

So, it’s “when” and not “if”!

So, Jesus encourages us to purify our motives. We must find little ways to work some self-denial into the picture without drawing attention to ourselves. “When you pray…” the same idea is applied. The whole point of prayer is to come into God’s presence. This goal is compromised when we are overly concerned about what impassion we are making and not focused on the things of God. Ultimately it is God alone who counts.

Our goal is to learn how to trust God in good times and times of pain and struggle. We need to open our minds and hearts to him and all his ways. Jesus assures, “and your father who sees in secret… will repay you.” This is certainly appropriate Gospel for Lent, a chance to get back

on track in this special time before Easter.

A Message from Father Peter

– March 6th: Second Sunday of Lent

Under the umbrella of the Starfish Coffee House, St. Francis sponsors two discussion groups for young adults. “The Men’s Group” hosted by Marcin Glinski and “The Ladies Night of Prayer” coordinated by Meagan Avencia and Joselyn Russo. May your good work be richly blessed! The Men’s group discusses “Apologetics.” Defending the often-challenged teachings of the church and key topics of church history, doctrine and morals. Currently, the ladies are discussing a wonderful but nearly forgotten little masterpiece “The Privilege of Being a Woman” by Alice Von Hildebrand.

Although the book was written just before women in great numbers began to enter the work force, it remains a timely and helpful witness to some of the deep spiritual truths of Christianity. The author was married to Dietrich Von Hildebrand, a great Catholic philosopher, and wrote a good number of books herself; in many ways this book is a forerunner of Theology of the Body championed by Pope St. John Paul II. There’s a lot more that could be said but it all comes down to this: If there’s a young adult in your household or extended family, tell them there are good things waiting for them in church and particularly in St. Francis. Last year we had four weddings that in one way or another came out of the Coffee House program!

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