Sowing the seeds of the future in the good soil of tradition.

We combine the traditional with the innovative to reach all members of our church family. 

We are steeped in tradition, yet forward-thinking, making a positive impact on our community while bringing brothers and sisters in Christ together to form our strong Parish Family.

Learn, share, and grow with our parish and family.

Guided by the Holy Spirit and nourished by the Holy Eucharist, we welcome all people with respect and compassion.

We are vigilant in protecting the rights of the most vulnerable. In the tradition of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, we put the “good news” of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ into action.

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Pastor’s Desk – January 2024

Pastor’s Desk – January 2024

“May old acquaintance be forgot, and never called to mind”!

So goes the old song, but do they get it right? How about “May old acquaintance be recalled, and memories enjoyed!

Latest News

First Holy Communion at St. Francis

First Holy Communion at St. Francis

First Holy Communion was celebrated with great love on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at St. Francis!  We had two Masses for our Grade 2 Religious Education students who received Our Lord for the first time surrounded by their loving families, friends, and catechists.

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