Understanding Your Emotions – Moments of Grace: Episode 6

Aug 29, 2021 | Ministries

Emotions are neither right, nor wrong! However, it is best not to act on them. This episode of Moments of Grace will help educate you on the 5 main emotions and how to learn from them. 

Carol Rubano explains how like all the colors are based upon the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow, all the emotions are based on 5 different categories. These categories are fear, anger, jealousy, grief, and love. Like putting all the colors together, all the other words that describe emotions are intertwined amongst the 5 categories, like anxiety, concern, envy, and more. 

Emotions are neither right nor wrong, but they are meant to be felt and expressed. Learn more on the importance of why it is best to feel your emotions rather than bottle them up. 

Watch the full episode at livingwaterstherapy.org or on youtube at youtube.com/watch?v=0JIia7xJgP8. 

For further help and support: 

Join Fr. Peter To Learn More About Emotions 

We invite you to attend a retreat planned for September 17-19, featuring Barbara Campbell, Carol Rubano, and myself at the Rosa Mystica Center. We will help you with the goal to not have your feelings control and ruin your life. 

For more info/register, visit: livingwaterstherapy.org 

When: September 17th -19th, 2021

Where: Rosa Mystica House of Prayer
484 Angel Hill Rd, Edmeston, NY 13335

Meet The Hosts from their Devoted Parishes 

Rev. Peter Kaczmarek, St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church

Carol Rubano, LCSW-R, Living Waters Counseling

Barbara Campbell, MA, SD, Star of the Sea Ministries

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