The Word of the Lord – Thanks Be to God

Sep 10, 2020 | Ministries

by Michael Kitakis

When we celebrate Mass, everyone participates. The priest is the celebrant, and we all respond to him, to God, and to each other in community. Others contribute to the Mass through music, or as altar servers and ushers. I am honored to serve in another capacity, as one of the lectors who read the scripture passages each Sunday.

For me, deciding to become a lector happened gradually, originating from a growing feeling that the Holy Spirit was moving me towards this ministry. “Grace builds on nature” to paraphrase St. Thomas Aquinas, and marketing, advertising and creating media messages have always been part of what I do. My career has centered on marketing for companies and non-profit organizations. When I considered what I could offer to the Lord and to my faith community, spreading the word of God as a lector seemed a natural choice. It also made sense to me alongside the theme of dramatic missionary growth that the diocese has put forward as a call to action for all of us.

Messages are powerful. And I cannot think of a more powerful or important message to bring to others than the word of God each Sunday. It’s a privilege for me, not only to bring God’s message to others, but the words stay with me as personal encouragement as I make my way through the week ahead. It’s a joy and a blessing to me to be a lector.

If you are interested in becoming a lector, please contact the rectory or Pat Brennan at (631) 757-8775, or via email to