Memories from Medjugorje

Sep 25, 2022 | Ministries

As many of you know, members of the parish and the Starfish Coffee House joined Fr. Peter on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje last month. The experience was moving and life altering, and several members have offered their reflections and impressions from the trip. We will be bringing you a few of these in the coming weeks. Justin Kozma is a member of the group of young adults who visited Medjugorje on the occasion of the 2022 Youth Festival. His testimony to what he witnessed there is presented now, and will be continued in two additional future segments.

“I could write an entire book on what I experienced in Medjugorje, but I want to focus on three main points:

1. The Miracle of Conversions of Hearts
2. The Reality of Spiritual Warfare
3. The dire need of accepting St. Mary as our mother
Here is what I want to share about the miracle of conversions. This first point touches on some preconceptions and subconscious wishes I had about Medjugorje. I had heard that various people have experienced supernatural healings, witnessed Fatima-like miracles of the sun, or even had their own rosaries turn into gold. That was a small example of the mindset I had when I entered Medjugorje. Once there, I was quickly overwhelmed by the reality that those miracles would pale in comparison to what I would witness in the heart of my younger brother. Witnessing the minute-by-minute submission and acceptance of God’s love into his heart and seeing within days a full re-conversion of his heart sent me into a state of shock for a few days. We grew together spiritually and connected as brothers in ways we never had, not only through our maternal earthly lineage, but through our shared heavenly mother, Mary. The conversion of heart I was saw in my brother, letting Mary guide him back to Jesus, was greater than any physical miracle I could have witnessed, more powerful than what I could have ever imagined. This story is one of thousands upon thousands of people who have witnessed or undergone conversions due to their time in Medjugorje.”
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