Meet Father Ben

Jul 25, 2021 | Ministries

Fr. Benignus Nwankwo will be with us throughout the Summer and into September. 

We are blessed and grateful to have him in residence and celebrating both Daily and Sunday Masses at our parish. 

Fr. Ben comes to us all the way from Nigeria! And his name is Latin for Kindness. If you get a chance to say hello to Fr. Ben you will see that he is appropriately named! 

His welcoming smile and genuine warmth is radiant. You can have a wonderful conversation with him as he learned British English growing up. He is part of a family of 10! 

He was ordained in 2009 and comes from the Ekwulobia diocese in Nigeria. Two years after he was ordained, Fr. Ben was doing mission work in Cameroon on Africa’s west Coast teaching the Gospel and sharing the love of the one true God. 

Fr. Ben is happy to be with us and enjoys being in the United States (and enjoying a hamburger or two now and then!). Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Fr. Ben. 

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