Little People, BIG Faith!

Oct 22, 2020 | Ministries

It is said it takes a village to raise a child. When it comes to faith, it also takes a parish, a community of committed adults who are able to introduce children to a loving God and to the Catholic church with all its joys, wonders and rituals. It’s a challenging mission, but one which Adam Wessinger as head of the Little People’s Liturgy ministry has gladly accepted.

The Little People’s Liturgy presents the Gospel in a child friendly way to the youngest parish members, from toddlers to second graders. While their parents attend Mass, the children are invited to their own liturgy in the lower church. The stories are popular, the discussions are lively, and the children enjoy the sense of community in which they play a part. With the children involved with their activities, this time is often a break for parents so they can reflect on the readings, gather their thoughts, and pray on their own without distractions. The ministry team consists of 6 teachers on a rotating schedule, along with a talented children’s musician. Adam is a certified schoolteacher and has been with the program for the past three years, and ministry leader for the past two. As a parent with his own four young children including a set of 6-month old twins, he is a natural with plenty of experience. His children are regular members of the group each week.

Before Covid-19, children would process to the lower church for their liturgy, learning prayers and how to bless themselves, sing songs, and hear a lesson from the Gospel. Often there is a small collection. The children discuss how to use the funds to help others and their church, learning the value of stewardship.

Under the new guidelines, a nice added feature is the children sitting outside for their session, using bath mats to sit comfortably, and they are able to remove their masks. Once the cooler weather sets in, they will return to the lower church, and social distancing protocols will be in place. It is an energetic group that have become fast friends, with between 10-15 children in attendance, more on days when there is a grade level Mass for siblings. When asked if there is anything more the parish could do to help, Adam said that they would welcome more children attending. Little People’s Liturgy takes place during the 10:00am Mass each weekend. Join us!!