Fr. Peter’s Easter Letter to Starfish Coffee House Gang of Young Adults and their friends

Harsh Realities!
There is no question that in this culture many young adults can become anxiety ridden or depressed; the reasons for this are also specific to their youthful age group. They are entering an adult world that can often be cold, indifferent, and competitive. They are uncertain of their ability to deal with it. Now we have confusion over the thrust for assisted suicide laws in our culture by secular governments! Add to all this a frightening pandemic! As you can see, they have a lot to cope with!

God is close to you!
Some of my favorite words of scripture are helpful here: “Fear not, little flock for it has pleased your heavenly father to give you a kingdom.” Don’t try to talk yourself out of fear directly; concentrate on developing a “relationship” with Jesus and good relationships with family, acquaintances and co-workers. Cherish your friends. Take time to pray daily. Carry out some kind and charitable acts as best you can. (Everyone is different on this score). Soon you will see the negative receding and love growing! The kingdom is your inheritance and day by day it seems less a “fairy tale” or idle daydream and more a tangible reality! So, now you can survive the cold fact that not everyone likes you! So, it was with your rediscovered friend Jesus as he said: if they have loved me, they will love you! If they have hated or despised me, they will hate you! It’s that simple; find your friends among those who love Jesus or at least are sincerely seeking him. Pray for and act lovingly toward those with some other agenda! Now the kingdom appears reachable not only by “spiritual athletes” but by you! The kingdom as Jesus speaks of it is not some place we enter only after a final judgement, but the clear breaking in of God’s power into our sinful world! Jesus’ risen human nature is the best example of a mighty kingdom event!