The Sacrament of Confirmation to Two Sisters

Jun 19, 2022 | Ministries

On Pentecost Sunday at the 12 Noon Mass, Fr. Peter, assisted by Deacon Jim, administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to two sisters – Emilia and Federica Paiva. 

These two young ladies participated in our parish’s process of faith formation conducted by Deacon Jim and assisted by Ms. Kathleen Dyckes. 

Emilia chose the confirmation name of Anthony and her sponsor was Ms. Dyckes, while Federica chose the confirmation name Pio and her sponsor was Ms. Kate Buckshaw. Emilia and Federica were accompanied by their family and friends for this very special occasion. 

RCIA, The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is a process designed to enable a person to become a full participating member of the Catholic Church. If you or someone one you know is interested in the RCIA program, please contact Deacon Jim at 631 757-3389, or via email to

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