Bible Study with Barbara Campbell is ZOOMING forward!!!!

We have had a wonderful turnout on our new virtual platform. Barbara and Fr. Peter are able to reach so many more people with their important messages and teachings. Last week we had 33 participants from right here in Greenlawn to all the way from Florida!

For the next few weeks, Barbara is teaching us how to know God’s voice. How to listen and discern what comes from Him and what is of this world. With precise steps, Barbara’s loving guidance, and the power of the Holy Spirit we are sent to the pages of the Bible to learn to more clearly hear Our Lord and His will for our lives.

Fr. Peter then takes us through the readings for Sunday’s Mass so we will be able to hear with an open heart and mind. Fr. Peter uses his wisdom, knowledge and Spirit to bring us a deeper meaning of the Scriptures.

Join us Wednesdays at 11:00am.
All are welcome

Email Mary Ann Famer for Zoom login

You can also hear Barbara’s
podcasts on her website at: