Altar Servers Return

Jun 6, 2021 | Ministries

Dear Families of Altar Servers and those interested in becoming a Server, We hope and pray you have come through the pandemic without being sick with the virus. Getting the virus was not the only upset; disruption of our daily routines and religious practices were also difficult to deal with.

As of May 19, new directives from our Diocesan Bishop and the State of NY are in effect. We are now free to return to having Altar Servers at Mass.

So of course we hope you will return to Mass and serve at the Altar of Our Lord’s great sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

Please reach out to Deacon Allan for more information on becoming an altar server. Call
631-754-6436; we will make a date for your approximately one hour training in the church.

If you have been an altar server in the past, please let us know if you would like to begin serving again.

Let’s remember to say a prayer thanking God for getting us through the pandemic; God bless you,

Deacon Allan

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