Hazy, Lazy, Days of Summer

Jun 27, 2021 | Community, Entertainment, Featured


With the Pandemic declining and vaccines readily available there will be plentiful energy for outdoor activities and recreation. Rather than travel I hear that young families will go camping and Bar-b-que; many, will venture out only as far as the backyard or local town park. Hazy Lazy seems an apt description for this season, but others will travel. The Raffle prize money will help with whatever you should do! Raffle proceeds have been a big help to us in the past, until covid-19 is totally over the raffles fit the bill!

Top Prize is $2500; with 2nd prize at $1000 and 3rd prize at $500.

Ticket price is $10 per ticket or 6 for $50.

Drawings will be made on July 13th.

For more information/where to buy tickets please call 631-757-7435

Enclosed are 2 Books (12 tickets}, Please mail back sold tickets with your check. If your ticket wins you’ve got it “Made in the Shade”. If you do not win, you’ve done your part to assist your parish through difficult times. Again thank you for all you do and God Bless You!

Father Peter

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