Time, Talent, and Treasure.


– February 23rd

Bulletin Reflection: The readings for this week are about loving others, no matter who they are. However, it is important to note that loving someone does not require that you love their sin. Also, the first reading stresses the difference between reproving someone for their sin, and falling into sin yourself “because of Him.” There is a middle ground between hatred and celebrating someone’s sinfulness.

Living Stewardship – Pillar of Hospitality: In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us to love those who hate us.  The reward for doing so, according to Our Lord, is great!  This week refrain from speaking ill of anyone, no matter what they have done to you. Be hospitable to people that make it very difficult to be hospitable!


 – February 16th

Bulletin Reflection: Stewardship involves more than just the gift we bring to the altar. Today’s readings say clearly that it is fidelity to God’s law that makes our offering acceptable.

Living Stewardship – Pillar of Service: The First Reading today tells ys that we have a simple choice: to follow God or not.  Sometimes, however, we may not know what God is asking of us or we may be tempted to choose to disobey God.  This week, ask the Lord in prayer to show you the way.

 – February 9th & 2nd

Bulletin Reflection In the Second Reading, we read, “Because He Himself was tested through what He suffered, He is able to help those who are being tested.” When we read this, we should be overjoyed to know that our God is one who cares for us so deeply.

Living Stewardship – Pillar of Service Mary and Joseph raise the child Jesus in accordance with the law of Moses. For those of you who are parents (or grandparents, godparents, etc.), take some time this week to pray with your child and teach them something about the Faith. You are your child’s first catechist and play a huge role in your child’s future.

 – January 26th

Bulletin Reflection: In todays Gospel we witness the beginning of Jesus’ Galilean ministry.  Previously in this chapter of matthew, Jesus was tempted by the devil but He never gave in.  As stewards, we will experience temptations, despair and setbacks but we must pray that the Holy Spirit can help us throughout it all!

Living Stewardship – Pillar of Service: This week, let us, as good stewards, remember to give some time back to God. Prayer is such an important tool that we can use to help us grow closer to God. Using the time we have been given to pray is beyond important.