The Backbone of St. Francis

Mar 6, 2022 | Community

Do you recognize this couple?

If you do, you know that they keep much of this parish running as smoothly as it does. If you do not, you would still know their work, since what they do touches every part of life at St. Francis of Assisi to the benefit of all. 

They are Pastor and Maria Erazo, and their work “seen and unseen” supports our ministries, staff, clergy, and infrastructure every day, season after season. Pastor is the parish custodian, handyman, keeper of the physical plant, gardener, fixer, and a dozen other titles that are so critical to keeping things running at St. Francis. Maria is in constant motion with cleaning, organizing, making seasonal changes, and providing comfort and safety in all our surroundings.

They are often called ‘the backbone of St. Francis parish’, and we are sure you will agree!

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