Special Mother’s Day Drive-By Event for All


Today on Mother’s Day, many of you may not be able to have the extended family gatherings with mothers and grandmothers that we look forward to for Mother’s Day. However, Father Peter is blessing our whole parish and community in a very special way. We will have a drive-by at 11:30am where everyone will be blessed with Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament and where everyone will have a chance to venerate and pray with our heavenly Mother coming to us in the life-sized miraculous Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe which will be visiting St. Francis that day. https://www.jkmi.com/the-facts-of-the-missionary-image-of-our-lady-of-guadalupe 

Everyone is welcome to come, not just parishioners. Please spread the word and let friends, relatives and neighbors know! Let all experience this great blessing! What a beautiful way to celebrate Mother’s Day, with our Heavenly Mother and her Divine Son! 

Just before this special drive-by, Father will be consecrating our parish to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Saint Joseph in a ceremony in our church that will be recorded and available for everyone to watch and pray along with. We will be posting information on the website and Facebook for anyone who would like to see suggested prayers and a simple ceremony in the home. 

This consecration will call down great blessings and heavenly protection upon the people of our parish and all who join themselves in spirit to it. 

The bishops of the United States and Canada joined together on May 1, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, to re-consecrate our countries to our Blessed Mother Mary. http://usccb.org/news/2020/20-65.cfm. St. Francis is following suit in doing a special consecration of our parish. 

It would be beautiful if all the individuals and families of the parish would also consecrate themselves and their homes to Our Lord, Our Lady, and St. Joseph. Making and living such a consecration will be a turning point in life and bring torrents of blessings upon all who do it from the heart. May is the month of Mary, and starts with the feast of St. Joseph, so it is a great time to do this. 

In these troubled times, the prayers of your priests are with you. May you take this opportunity to draw closer to Our Lord, Our Lady, and Saint Joseph.