Moments of Joy and Generosity During Pandemic Response

Jul 17, 2020 | Community

Times may be tough, but the St. Vincent de Paul spirit lives on.

Amidst all the handwashing, sanitizing, gloves and separation, one thing remains the same at St. Vincent de Paul—the many moments of joyful service and compassion happening daily. As an organization with chapters worldwide, including here at St. Francis of Assisi, the St. Vincent de Paul Society has modified services to practice social distancing and heightened health safety, but has not lost sight of what matters most – continuing to serve those in need in the kindest, most dignified and caring way possible.

In recent days, many national members shared pictures and snippets of inspiring and joyful moments taking place across the mission. Chapters in California, Texas, and Arizona have made sandwiches from remote locations to deliver to food pantries, soup kitchens, and homebound seniors. There are chapters that sponsor Family Dining Rooms which function as restaurants where families are served nutritious meals for free daily. Local businesses have donated 100 pizzas within 48 hours, along with truckloads of bread, fresh produce, meat, and desserts. Dozens of children received activity kits with their to-go meals, and created letters and drawings to send to nursing home residents who could not have visitors.

Some teachers have had to conduct classes online, and with more flexible schedules found time to deliver food boxes to seniors who could not venture out. Businesses and individuals sent in money donations early on, which helped the food pantries and kitchens stock up in advance of the large numbers of people who have sought their help.

These are just some of the ways St. Vincent de Paul Society has been meeting the needs of the communities, doing what they can where they can to help those in need. They call it “Love in Action.” Phil DeDora here at St. Francis of Assisi is our chapter head, and is happy to hear from anyone interested in joining him and other members in making a difference here in Greenlawn and on Long Island. You can contact Phil at (631) 651-2655, or by email at

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