Making Progress in the New Year

Feb 7, 2022 | Community

By now everyone who has visited the church has seen the wonderful job that was done to repair and restore the steps and slates at the entrance to the building. Not only were the workmen able to complete the job before Christmas, the parish saved approximately $10,000 by having the railings powder coated instead of being fully replaced. The stonework will get wet from time to time, but it’s difficult to control the workings of nature when it comes to precipitation! The entrance is solid, and will last for decades to come, ensuring a safer footing for everyone attending. And all agree the results are beautiful!

Soon we will see the next phase of the work that is yet to be done. Over time, the bushes and planters at the front of the building have caused water to leach down into the foundation. This will continue to happen unless measures are taken now to prevent further damage to the bricks and underlying concrete. 

The plan is to replace the bushes and concrete planters with construction material that will preserve the integrity of the structure, and require little maintenance. The work will begin within the next two weeks, and we will be posting further updates on the progress of the project. 

Being good stewards of our parish community also means being guardians of the church structures and property entrusted to us. We all have the responsibility to ensure that the grounds are here for the generations that come after us, and that our church stands as a testament to our community, and to our faith.

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