Long Island HEC Handicapped Encounter Christ

Jul 18, 2021 | Community

Handicapped Encounter Christ, a ministry of two communities coming together as one, is having a Full Day Retreat on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at Camp Alvernia, located at 105 Prospect Road, Centerport NY. The Long Island HEC retreat provides an environment where participants share the Good News of Christ, minister to each other’s needs, celebrate humanity, and learn from one another. Retreats consist of motivational talks, small group discussions, social fun, liturgy, and reflection.

These retreats form the foundation of the Long Island HEC family and dynamically fuel the supportive network maintained throughout the year. While the retreat is based on the fundamentals of Catholicism, Long Island HEC welcomes and invites our challenged brothers and sisters from other denominations to participate. HEC operates on a buddy system where each challenged participant is “buddied” with at least one team member so that “buddies” become the hands, legs, eyes, voices and ears when needed. 

Beyond the Long Island HEC retreat, various other events are held throughout the year where we can gather together as children of Christ, such as an annual picnic, reunions, Ducks games, Christmas parties, and other social outings.

Join our adults with disabilities and able bodied adults as they nurture their spiritual growth, share the Good News of the Risen Christ, increase each individual’s awareness of self-worth and come together as friends.

Looking for volunteers as well as adults with disabilities to participate. Call for information 631-806-6213 or email DianafromHEC@gmail.com.

Long Island HEC (Handicapped Encounter Christ) is an all-volunteer organization with the mission of bringing together physically – and/or mentally – challenged men and women (18 years of age and older) with able-bodied individuals in a Christian community.

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