In Haiti or Huntington, Christ Remains the Same

Jul 30, 2020 | Community

The Haitian Community ministry at St. Francis of Assisi is an active, vibrant group that has been part of our parish for over 20 years. Led by Deacon Jean Cantave, the group serves more than a social purpose, although that is an important feature of the ministry. Members engage in active and dedicated prayer, both privately and in community. Mass is celebrated monthly every third Saturday at 6:30pm, with Fr. Francois Eale often presiding. The first Saturday of each month is devoted to praying 1,000 Hail Mary’s for Haiti, families, the world, and other intentions of the community. The membership is also active in Charismatic Renewal, and participates fully in parish events, reaching out to older and homebound friends, fulfilling an important role in the parish, particularly during the current pandemic.

Deacon Jean has served on Long Island since 1986, first with the parish of St. Hugh of Lincoln which alternated Masses in Haitian-Creole with St. Francis of Assisi parish. Eventually he moved to St. Francis, where he and his wife Marie Ginette made their home, along with their three daughters.

The Greenlawn/Huntington area is home to almost 20% of all persons of Haitian heritage in Suffolk County. Two other organizations active locally are the Bon Jour group with the Huntington Senior Center, and the Yam Community Resource which provide vital services such as assisting with applications, translating notices, and advocating for benefits with other agencies. Deacon Jean and the Haitian Community ministry welcome new members, and those interested can contact him at 631 896-3747.

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