Divine Mercy Sunday Drive -Through Veneration

It was a socially distant Divine Mercy Sunday this April 19 2020, due to the restrictions resulting from the Corona virus pandemic. In line with all these guidelines, the image of Divine Mercy was displayed on the front steps of our beautiful St. Francis Church, as parishioners in their vehicles lined up and slowly drove past venerating the image and meaning of this special Sunday, asking God’s Mercy and protection on the whole world. Fr Peter was out on the steps as well to bless everyone as they paid homage.

Inside the Church six parishioners prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet, remembering former years with so many more devotees present. Fr Peter also unveiled our new Divine Mercy image, which had been donated by a generous parishioner, and placed above Fr. Peter’s confessional, a conduit of God’s mercy through Christ’s gift of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In addition, Fr Peter read Bishop Barres’ letter on Divine Mercy and Sharon was able to record these events.