The Booster Club, A Pastor’s Old Friend

Aug 22, 2021 | Social

“The scribe well versed in the kingdom is like a merchant who brings out his storehouse things both old and new”

The Booster Club is a Pastor’s old friend; he cannot afford to neglect it. The key to success is to continue re-enforcement through bulletin, website, and in person announcements. A little excitement and pleasant mood go a long way. Please take a booster – remember it’s never too late to get a ticket. Also, even when you win, your name stays in for the remainder of the year.

$60 – winner every week, Mondays
$600 – monthly, last Monday a month
$1200 double it for Christmas, 2nd Monday in December

In the Greenlawn area we also have a deep tradition. Father Keyes, the founding pastor, was moderator of the club at
St. Boniface in Elmont as an associate and upon becoming pastor implemented it here very early on!

This year let’s put the Booster Club on the map again!

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