God Works in Mysterious Ways

by Josephine Mielcarz

Road Angels is not just about providing transportation to doctor’s appointments. Most of our clients are either disabled, elderly or lonely and they want someone to talk to. This is the most important part of our ministry. Dispatchers frequently speak to clients for over 30 minutes and the Road Angels do the same. It is rewarding to know that in some way we made a difference in someone’s life even for a little while.

Last week I stopped at the rectory and Sharon told me a lady had just left who was looking for someone from Pastoral Care. As I walked through church to the Pastoral Care office, I noticed that there were four people praying quietly. I went to the office and there was a message from someone we had been trying to contact because she didn’t give all the info we needed when she originally called. In the message she said she wouldn’t be home until after three o’clock and that was unfortunate as it would be hard to reach her at that time.

I finished my work and was getting ready to leave, but on my way out I got the feeling that one of the ladies praying in church was the client we were trying to reach. So I entered the church and in my quietest possible way, I called her name and a lady in a pew saying the Rosary looked up at me. It was the woman we had been trying to reach! She came to the office with me and gave me the info I needed. I decided to see if I could get her a ride while she was with me. Bingo! The first Road Angel I called was available. Our client had her ride and was truly amazed at the whole experience!!!!

If you are in need of a ride, or would like to volunteer to be a Road Angel to drive parishioners to and from doctor appointments, please contact the office
of Pastoral Care at 631.261.4837

29 Clay Pitts Road
Greenlawn, NY 11740

Rectory: 631.757.7435
Fax: 631.757.0469


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