Becoming Catholic – One Man’s Incredible Journey

Nov 15, 2020 | Social

I had been attending Mass regularly for over a year and every Sunday, I would watch as nearly every parishioner would rise from their seats, and patiently walk down to the front of the church to receive the Eucharist.

The thought of picking up the phone and calling the rectory to inquire about the RCIA program would enter my mind and then fade away as the work week began. Eventually, my wife was wise enough to call the rectory herself and leave my number for Deacon Jim.

Shortly thereafter, I began meeting with Deacon Jim and Kathy Dyckes once a week. We would discuss Bible readings, reflect on the Homily from the previous Sunday and have discussions about current events.

We would discuss what it is to truly be Catholic, and also how to be a Catholic in a time when it is often difficult.

Nearly every week, I would read something in the Bible that would leave me thinking. How could something written so long ago be so relevant and accurate in describing our world today? The answer was simple; the Bible is the word of God.

As soon as I accepted that fact, I began to see a change in myself. I would have moments of great clarity and peace of mind that I had never experienced before. I quickly realized the immense value this program offers.

As our meetings continued, we began to discuss the sacraments. I had very minimal knowledge of the meanings of the sacraments or what they even were. Our discussions about the Eucharist and Confirmation were a highlight of this program.

Deacon Jim and Kathy wonderfully articulated the awesomeness of receiving the Eucharist, as well as the responsibility that comes with being Confirmed. Completing the RCIA program was an incredible journey that has started me on a better path in every aspect of my life.

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