Barbara Campbell’s Ella Ella Francinella and Family

So it’s me, Ella, and I asked LaTish if they had brought any Easter eggs onto Noah’s Ark. As forever and always, Leonardo was indignant that I thought the Noah’s Ark story had anything to do with Easter!! “It has everything to do with Easter”, shouted Bootie as he grabbed one of my favorite colored eggs. “Did you miss the rainbow in the sky? That’s what the whole story is all about!!” Bootie always steals my best lines!!! Anyway, rainbows are a sign of God’s promises and Jesus is God’s greatest promise!! Let’s take selfies
with our rainbow colored eggs and post them on Resurrection Sunday!!

I am putting my rainbow in the clouds, a sign of the covenant between Me and the Earth.

– Genesis 9:12


Ella Ella Francinella is a book series written by Barbara Campbell MA CSD (Certified Spiritual Director), and illustrated by her son David-Peter Campbell. Through Ella’s many adventures and trials, Barbara incorporates important life lessons with a subtle message of spirit throughout, all while keeping the story light-hearted and fun. Children and adults alike will enjoy Ella’s fun-loving family and their entertaining antics.