2022 Catholic Ministries Appeal – Office of Faith Formation

Apr 3, 2022 | Ministries

“God’s love calls us to move beyond fear. We ask God for the courage to put on faith, hope and love as we go out into the world and become the word in body as well as spirit.”

– Pope Francis

During the Lenten Season we are asked to pray…

Your donation to the Catholic Ministries Appeal supports The Diocesan Office of Faith Formation.

This Office provides programs that help our young people to deepen and build their prayer experience throughout their life. They provide Workshops and resources designed to support Marriage Ministry, Parenting and Family Life, Religious Education, Sacramental Prep and Multicultural Initiatives, giving our diocesan family the tools to bolster parish ministry and further develop missionary disciples.

Mr. Patrick Brennan will be speaking at Mass THIS WEEKEND  of April 2-3 about what the Appeal can mean to our parish of St. Francis.

To donate, you can also visit drvc.org/CMA or call us at 516-678-5800 ext. 296 Thank You!

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