The Feast of St. Joseph 2021

Mar 14, 2021 | Community

You are invited to sing the praises of the Father of Saints, Protector of the Universal Church and Protector of the Carmelite Order.

Schedule for Friday, March 19, 2021

8:00am Scriptural Rosary
8:30am St. Francis of Assisi R.C. Church for Holy Mass Greenlawn
9:15am Breakfast
10:15am The Rosary of St. Joseph

  • Novena to St. Joseph Part I – His Fidelity to Grace 
  • Novena to St. Joseph Part IIHis Fidelity to the Interior Life
  • Novena to St. Joseph Part III His love of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Novena to St. Joseph Part IVHis love for the Christ Child

12:00 noon Litany to St. Joseph
12:30pm Supplications to St. Joseph
2:00pm Patriotic Rosary
3:00pm Mercy Chaplet
4:00pm Chaplet of St. Joseph


Whenever the bright blue nails would drop 
Down on the floor of his carpenter shop, 
Saint Joseph, prince of carpenter men, 
Would stoop to gather them up again; 

For he feared for two little sandals sweet, 
And very easy to pierce they were 
As they pattered over the lumber there 
And rode on two little sacred feet. 

But alas, on a hill between earth and heaven 
One day- two nails in a cross were driven, 
An fastened it firm to the sacred feet 
Where once rode two little sandals sweet;

And Christ and his mother looked off in death 
Afar – to the valley of Nazareth, 
Where the carpenter’s shop was spread with dust 
And the little blue nails, all packed in rust,

Slept in a box on the windowsill; 
And Joseph lay sleeping under the hill.

-Leonard Feeney

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