The Journey from Grief to Healing

Support groups can help you to name your feelings. Feelings are neither right or wrong. They simply are. Feelings are neither good or bad, positive or negative. Feelings are neutral. Group members can often be helpful in naming feelings that they observe in other members and it is usually helpful to observe the feelings in others tht we can identify with at the same time. The named and accepted feelings can now be expressed and acted upon in appropriate ways. Sometimes, feelings that are not named, accepted or expressed can prolong the grieving process.

Loss forever changes our world. It's now a new environment. An ending has occurred that demands a new beginning. Before that can happen, a period of transition takes place. During this time we closely examine what has been lost and what has remained the same. What has actually changed?

Bereavement Support Groups have multiple functions.
They are places of:

• To receive positive feedback that the experiences of grief are normal – "I'm not goin crazy."
• To know that others – "just like me" – have been there, too, and have survived.

• To be encouraged to share – pain, fears and frustrations.
• To be enabled to tell your story – repeatedly.
• To be able to share the physical, emotional and spiritual pain of loss and to be understood by a caring group of friends.


Safety (Confidentiality)...
• To ask for help and receive encouragement.
• To give to others as they give to you.
• To revive and review memories.
• To receive the strength to let go – to say goodbye.

• To test the appropriateness of decisions.
• To find more effective coping strategies.
• To tolerate unanswerable questions.

• To become open to God's presence in your life.
• To experience God's love through his Church in the companionship of sisters and brothers in faith.

For more information: Diane Lake (631)499-0395

May God continue to bless you, and guide you
through your days.